CLAN: noun (n)
A close-knit group united through strong common interest, kinship and descent


you have found your CLAN.

​CLAN is created by women for women. It is a positive and precious place for you to think, learn, plan and progress your ambitions. Take time to breathe; take time to be the very best version of yourself.
You can rely on your CLAN to be witness to your growth, celebrate your victories, encourage you through the tougher moments and to always...ALWAYS... have your back.


CLAN is about taking quality dedicated time to explore YOU. What is your good life? What do you actually want? Why are these things important to you? Where is the best place to spend your time and energy and what can you learn to support your goals?

We start at the very beginning and it’s all about you.

What are your own strengths and natural capabilities?
What are your current habits and how well are they serving you?
By building your plan around this starting point we will work to enhance your chances of a meaningful, purposeful life.

And we do it all in a fun, open and supportive way.

But don't think that means it is always comfortable. Growth requires a certain amount of discomfort and often our CLAN version of tough love is exactly what brings about the most significant changes.



What makes CLAN special?

There are many things, but top of the list are:

  • The quality and dedication of our coaches
  • Our unique values-driven TRICKS framework (Trust, Respect, Integrity, Confidence, Knowledge and Smiles)
  • Luxurious dedicated time to focus on YOU
  • The stories, the lessons, the new techniques and tools to build your capability in an enduring way
  • Accountability to yourself and your wonderful CLAN
It is our firmly held belief that the world is a better place when women are clear, confident, courageous and focused.