CLAN: noun (n)
A close-knit group united through strong common interest, kinship and descent


We run our programmes based on demand. Our group programmes benefit from a minimum number of participants.

  • CLAN Core is a 12 month personal leadership journey of exploration and discovery.

    Beginning with an overnight residential (less than an hour from home), you will get to meet your fellow CLAN members and learn a lot about yourself and others. We will challenge you to open your mind and begin to build the strength of your CLAN and you as individuals. Some work is required in between the 3 hour monthly meetings.

    Each month your CLAN will meet to explore a new topic, consider where new opportunities for growth come from this new knowledge and set personal tasks and outcomes for the following month. When we regroup we will check progress before embarking on the next topic.

  • CLAN Workshops

    Our unique CLAN Workshop Programme follows our TRICKS framework (Trust, Respect, Integrity, Courage, Knowledge and Smiles) framework to cover a range of different topics of interest. Each CLAN Workshop welcomes mothers, daughters, businesswomen, working women of all types, or retired women. In short, any woman of any age who wants to make some change in their life will benefit from joining CLAN.

    Check our Facebook page for the latest dates.

  • CLAN Coaching

    Our experienced coaches are friendly, capable, confidential and flexible. They use validated and tested techniques to support your growth and goals. We would love to support you through a flexible one to one service. If you would like to know more, get in touch.